• Beijing
    Contact: Ms. Vicky Fan
    Telephone:8610 - 6568 1426 / 1427
    Fax:8610 - 6568 1429
    Mobile:135 2265 2917
    E-mail: vickyf@spiritconsultants.com
    Address: Unit 1A-226
    Gemdale City Crwon
    No.2 Li Yuan Li North Street
    Chaoyang District
  • Shanghai
    Contact: Ms. Vicky Fan
    Telephone:8621 - 6013 6155
    Fax:8621 - 6013 6159
    Mobile:135 2265 2917
    E-mail: vickyf@spiritconsultants.com
    Address: Rm 1203A Central Tower
    Hua Ning Int’l Plaza
    No. 300 Xuan Qiao Road
    Changning District
  • Guangzhou
    Contact: Mr. Mike Hu
    Telephone:8620 - 8331 1306
    Fax:8620 - 8331 1306
    Mobile:136 0047 1310
    E-mail: hlhu@spiritconsultants.com
    Address: Unit 509C
    Southern Securities Building
    No. 140-148 Tiyu East Road
    Tianhe District

We are always lookout for like-minded individuals who wish to add their talents, skills and experience to our team. We offer inspiring and sitmulating working environments in the heart of Beijing. If you want to have the space to explore and grow, please send your CV to our Human Resource Department career@spiritconsultants.com